South Wales Sports Grounds Contractors Ltd can offer a variety of maintenance solutions for both natural and artificial surfaces. From full scale surface regenerations to the finer details of surface management South Wales Sports Grounds supply a range of maintenance solutions tailored to the specific surface, end user and customers’ requirements.

With a background in all aspects of sports pitch management we can provide design, construction, maintenance and renovations as part of a one stop service provider package from initial conception to year after year long term care.

Services Offered

Since the early 1990s we have been installing sand-filled and sand dressed surfaces throughout the region. With well over 100 surface installations to our name ranging from sand-filled surfaces on a dynamic base to high specification sand dressed surfaces laid onto shockpads and engineered bases we have learnt a considerable amount about the benefits of artificial sand dressed surfaces. The need for good sound drainage and base construction are paramount for any surface and the skills and experience we have gained from the construction of Natural Grass have been transferred into our synthetic surfaces.

We are one of the only sports-field surface contractors to not rely on subcontract carpet installers. We have our own skilled operatives who have been installing carpets for over 25 years.

Despite the rise of 3G technology, sand dressed surfaces are still as popular as ever especially for hockey and tennis. The reduced maintenance requirements make the surfaces very popular in schools, communities or harder to reach areas along with the sand dressed surfaces often have a longer than average artificial lifespan, they often provide a more cost-effective solution

Where contact sports are not required, sand dressed surfaces can provide a lasting surface that can be laid and line marked to suit small sided games in addition to full-size match-play.

Drag Brushing

Synthetic surfaces are prone to moving infill from high traffic areas to low; the infill’s uniformity is key to the surface’s performance and acts as a protection layer to the fibres underneath.

South Wales Sports Grounds can carry out non-mechanical drag brushing over a surface to redistribute the infill and lift the carpet pile to its ideal upright position.

Surface Power Clean

Surface contaminants such as leaves or litter can cause damage to an artificial surface over time as a result of organic matter breaking down into the infill materials or non-biodegradable products posing a hazard to the users on the surface and potentially blocking drainage mediums.

As part of a maintenance regime, South Wales Sports Grounds will carry out a surface clean using powered rotary cleaning equipment removing 99% of surface debris and helping to restore the pile to vertical.

Weed Killing

Weeds and grasses often migrate onto an artificial surface and root into the infill medium. These can cause long term issues with drainage, infill management and build up of algal spores. Controlling the migration of these can prolong a surfaces’ lifespan as well as promote a more aesthetically pleasing facility. South Wales Sports Grounds can perform selective weed spraying as part of a maintenance package with our trained in-house professionals.

Deep Pile Clean

Dust, dirt and organics can filter down deep into an artificial surface which is a common cause of drainage issues. By cleaning deep into the infill materials, by extracting and reapplying, smaller particles can be removed that would otherwise be missed during a surface clean. A deep clean every year by South Wales Sports Grounds is a sure-fire way to control the build up of unwanted debris and leave the surface draining freely.

Annual Restore

On newer surfaces infill settles very fast and needs an annual dressing, and on older surfaces materials may need to be removed and replaced as the surface wears. All types of surfaces need an annual restore to bring a pitch back to pristine condition.

As part of an Annual Restore package we can tailor the tasks to the surfaces’ needs whether its replacing infill, cleaning, extensive drag brushing or topping up what’s already there, the annual restore can get the surface playing like the day it was laid.

Pitch & Seam Inspection

For both old and new facilities, any issues arising down the line can often be difficult to determine. South Wales Sports Grounds can offer an in-depth surface assessment and facility report to inspect and record a surfaces’ overall condition. Facets of Pile Height, infill depths, infill condition, surface damage and more, come together to form part of a report that can help predict the life span of a surface and provide ad accurate snapshot for futures information.

South Wales Sports Grounds can offer suggested solutions based on a reports’ findings best tailored to remediate or remove any ongoing issues.

Line Marking

South Wales Sports Grounds offer a wide range of line marking services for a multitude of surface types. Whether its grass pitch line marking for sports day or specialist markings on artificial surfaces we can design, mark and colour coat surfaces to suit your exact needs.